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Malware reaches the Mac World!


As Macs become more popular in the United States, virus and malware writers are stepping up development of malicious programs to take advantage of Macs.

Apple products are thought of as virus free, but the reality is they have not been targeted as much as Windows systems, until now.

According to a 2010 Google study of search poisoning, 14 percent of all the compromised sites they saw included drive-by download attempts to which OS X computers, or Macintosh computers, could get a trojan, and even more malware or viruses.

If a Mac user visits this type of page on a system and they do not have all recent security updates for OS X and their browser, they could be extremely vulnerable.

Here are some tips on keeping your Mac protected from security threats:

1. Use an anti-malware program - This recommendation also extend to Android, Windows Mobile, or an iPhone smartphones.

2. Keep up with security patches, updating your Apple Products via Software Update at least once per week.

3. Be aware of what you are doing, clicking on, or downloading.

Only a tiny percentage of Macs run anti-virus software, and Mac users have been conditioned to believe they’re immune from Internet threats. Over time, this has been changing.

Using awareness, security updates, and and anti-malware programs can help minimize your risk.

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